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Memories of my first fitness shoot

May 07, 2015  •  6 Comments
Photo of a muscular man assisting another man on the benchpress. Spencer and Anup in the gym.

We've all had those moments when we suddenly realize we might actually be good at something we've never tried before. This photo I took almost two years ago represents one of those minor epiphanies for me.

The Health and Human Performance Program at the college where I work decorates their office with poster-sized photos of their students which they update each year. My coworker would normally have taken care of this kind of photo shoot, but he was out of town. The responsibility fell to me to make these action portraits happen.

I'd done a lot of sports and event photography before, and a few head shots, but nothing quite like this. I brought an SB-700 flash, an umbrella and a stand, and convinced a student worker to come along as a second shooter in case it all went wrong.

There are a lot of things I should have done differently, but the results of this shoot far exceeded my expectations. A lot of the credit goes to Spencer and Anup, the two student models. They were really easy to work with, and can make even a technically bad photo look good.

I had thought about trying my hand at fitness photography before, but it was while editing the photos from this shoot that I realized I might actually be good at it.

Spencer is graduating this Sunday, and we will miss him at Union College. Fortunately for Lincoln though, he isn't going far ... he'll be a full-time personal trainer at the Cooper YMCA. So, if you're in Lincoln and looking for a trainer who gets really excited about helping people reach their goals, look him up.


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