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Shirt open, good pose, jean buttoning optionalPose. I might have a white stringer from another shoot that would work.This is the one you shared a while back. I love it, but don't have the hat or glove.Kung Ballet FuNice back pose.That's one way to wear your pants. It's more risque than anything I've done, but a cool photo.Good coat pose.The watch helps with the photo, but it's an interesting pose.Sweater peek-a-boo.We may need to dampen you. I can bring a plain t-shirt and towel.Good way to model a coat or jacket.Good pose and expression. We could do something like this as an underwear shot and the jeans around your neck.Nice pose. Almost political. Would work better with a t-shirt or shirtless.Good lighting.Good pose, even without the wild hair.Sweater lifting.Good pose for lanky model.PoseFloatingInteresting pose.

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